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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Meccanica

Presentation of the course

Degrees in the area of Industrial Engineering are among the most in-demand in the world of work, with employment rates of more than 95 percent.

The Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering is recognized as the most versatile and cross-cutting degree to work in virtually all areas of industrial engineering, performing responsible and highly specialized tasks.

 40% of job openings for Industrial Engineers, involve Mechanical Engineering!


General Info


Incoming orientation:

MD Course Responsible:

Prof. Rocco Furferi –

Delegate for Orientation and Tutoring:

Dr. Ing. Alessandro Ridolfi –


The Degree Course

The Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering (MEM) is a modern and innovative version of one of the courses in

Engineering at the University of Florence present since the foundation of the Faculty (now the "School" of Engineering).

The Course of Study is structured in 2 years and is divided into 8 different Curricula each having a specific profile.

The language of the Course is Italian


Who is the master mechanical engineer?

The master's mechanical engineer constitutes the professional figure of reference in the industrial sector, within which he or she represents the strategic resource that assumes and coordinates the main design and production functions, through a progressive diversification and specialization of roles and skills.

Students in the master's degree are prepared to fill roles characterized by knowledge typical of mechanical engineering, with greater skills, responsibility and autonomy than three-year graduates.


Employment Outlets

  • Companies in the mechanical sector (machinery, vehicles, components)
  • Consumer goods companies (e.g., textiles, furniture, leather goods, footwear, household goods)
  • Companies in the automation and industrial robotics sector
  • Companies in the field of two- and four-wheelers, transportation and industrial vehicles and equipment,
  • Transportation and logistics companies
  • Process and service delivery and manufacturing asset management industries
  • Municipal utility companies and public and private entities
  • Freelancer in Engineering Studies
  • Ph.D.


Honours Programme

The Degree has activated from 2024-2025 a Pathway of Excellence called "Honours Program in Mechanical Engineering" on the basis of agreements with leading companies. Particularly deserving students will be admitted to this pathway, which will be selected through competitive calls issued on the basis of the agreements entered into and publicized on the CdS website. Upon successful participation in these educational activities, the student will be awarded a training activity in Area E [Additional educational activities (Art. 10, para. 5, letter d) - Other knowledge useful for job placement] with the CFUs provided for in the CALL from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 9. Upon resolution of the CU, a bonus of up to 1 point will be awarded to be applied to the final test.


last update: 12-Apr-2024
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